Photo of cop helping woman with dementia goes viral

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A photo of a Maryland police officer holding the hand of a woman with dementia has gone viral.

The image depicts the officer helping the woman out of the woods after she got lost.

Roberta Crowley, 80, went on a routine walk with her dogs near her home in Charles County on March 18 when she veered off the main path and wandered into the woods.

Crowley’s daughter said she knew something was wrong when the pets returned to the house without her.

She also said Crowley tends to take walks frequently in order to stay active.

Luckily, within 40 minutes, members of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office were able to find Crowley.

While walking out of the woods, Sgt. Clarence Black took a picture of Officer Brandon Morrison holding the woman’s hand and making small talk to keep her at ease.

“The point…in grabbing her hand, was to make her feel comfortable,” Morrison told WUSA 9 news.


As of Monday evening, the photo had already garnered over 51,000 shares and more than 221,000 likes.

“I didn’t expect it to go that big. It was just something small that these guys do every day,” Sgt. Black told WUSA 9 news. “I thought it was just something cute. It was nice to see. He’s the youngest guy on our squad.”

Officer Morrison is just 21.

Crowley is also in awe of the amount of attention the picture has received.

“I’m a celebrity?” Crowley joked with WUSA 9 news. “I’ll give you my autograph.”

Sgt. Black said he’s proud of Morrison’s actions.

“He portrayed what a police officer is,” Sgt. Black told WUSA 9 news. “We’re here to serve the public, that’s why we take this oath.”

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