Lethbridge fitness community comes together to support Food Bank

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LETHBRIDGE – The Lethbridge fitness community took part in a Burpee Challenge this weekend, all in the name of charity.

FitBody Bootcamp, Kinetic Indoor Cycle & Fitness, and CrossFit FrameWork hit the turf at the Civic Centre to make good on their promise to perform as many burpees as donations made by their clients to the Lethbridge Food Bank.

All food and cash donations made at all three locations were calculated, and totaled over $4000, and 1500 nonperishable food items.


For every $20 donated to the cause, instructors were required to do 40 burpees. For every nonperishable food item donated from March 1 to March 26, they were required to do one burpee. The three groups completed over 8000 burpees.

Over the past year, all three fitness studios have donated to the Food Bank but this is the first time they have joined forces to help the community.

During these difficult economic times, donations are becoming more and more demanding in the area.

“We have increased about 100 families each month,” said Debbie Woelders, Executive Director of the Lethbridge Food Bank. “Unfortunately with the economy we have seen a lot more families who are in dire need for help.”

Many of the fitness studio clientele saw this event not only as a way to give back to the community, but a way to get back at their trainers for their hard workouts.

“We obviously make our members do a lot of burpees,” said Jarred Koktas, Director of Health and Fitness at FitBody Bootcamp. “They wanted to get back at us, and I can say they successfully did that.”

The group hopes that this will become an annual event and wants to encourage all fitness facilities in Lethbridge to take on the challenge for a worthy cause.

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