Dorval resident completes seven marathons on seven continents

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DORVAL – A Dorval resident has become a part of the seven continents club.

Don Ross recently returned from a marathon in Antarctica and said it was unlike anything he’s ever experienced before.

“It turned 60 m/h winds, not kilometers, miles an hour,” he said. “The weather really got cold – they were worried about people getting frostbite and hypothermia.”

Though it was tough, Ross said it was well worth it.

He completed his seventh marathon on his seventh continent and was awarded a seven continents finisher medal.

“It’s just been an amazing journey, it’s unbelievable to be honest,” Ross said.

Ross has run in marathons all over the globe.

From running along the Great Wall of China to jogging carefully alongside wild animals in Africa.

But the Dorval resident said last year, he was worried those marathons might have been his last.

In August, he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis.

“Basically it’s inflammation, in my case it went to my heart and my lungs,” he said. “So I’m on medication and I was off work for 5 months.”

Ross said now that he’s back from Antarctica, he’s focusing on getting healthy again.

But he isn’t done running yet – he still has more marathons to go.

“It would be nice to do all of Canada because I’m Canadian and have lived here all my life,” he said. “If I could do the world, I think I could do Canada.”



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