Caught on camera: biker fights off suspect trying to steal motorcycle

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In a scene that could’ve been straight out of a Grand Theft Auto video game, a man being chased by police tries to switch vehicles, and attempts to hi-jack a motorbike.

31-year-old Joshua Monigold, who was wanted in a March 19 hit-and-run in Tucson, was fleeing police on a highway Thursday in Mesa, Arizona when he decided to try and steal a motorbike – to the disbelief of the person driving.



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    “I thought maybe I cut him off and maybe rubbed him the wrong way,” motorcyclist Brandon Jenkins told KPNX News. “Then when he ripped me off my motorcycle it became very apparent that he was trying to steal my bike.”

    “They’re chasing me, they’re chasing me, please let me have your bike,” Jenkins recalled Monigold yelling at him.

    As Monigold tried to commandeer the bike from Jenkins, the two briefly scuffled. Eventually, Monigold cuts his attempt to steal the bike off as officers draw near and sprints back into his truck.

    Pulling away in the truck again, Monigold runs over the motorbike left lying on the road as he avoids a bullet fired from one of the officers.

    Police also said Monigold was seen waving around a gun during the chase.

    Not long after the altercation with Jenkins, police say they used a pit maneuver to roll the truck and arrest Monigold. According to police, Monigold was ejected during the crash, but is expected to be okay.

    Monigold has a lengthy criminal record, reports KPNX News.

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